As in aid in planning for holiday gifting, we have compiled a list of common holidays from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other islands throughout the Caribbean. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for other dates for inclusion in this calendar.


  • New Year’s Day
  • Three King’s Day (Epiphany)
  • Our Lady of Altragracia Day (Virgen de Altagracia) - Most important religious day in the Dominican calendar
  • Duarte Day - Holiday in honour of the Father of the Dominican Republic, with public fiestas in major towns in late January


  • Carnival - Pre-eminent celebration of the year, held on every Sunday in February and culminating in late Februar
  • Independence Day - Celebration of independence from Haiti and the culmination of the Dominican Carnival at end of month


  • Semana Santa - The Christian Holy Week (variable, usually early to mid-April) is also the most important week of Haitian and Dominican vodú


  • Espiritu Santo - Seven weeks after Semana Santa, celebrations held in the capital’s barrio Villa Mella, pueblo Santa María near San Cristóbal and the El Pomier caves, and San Juan de la Maguana
  • Presidential Election Day


  • San Pedro Apostol - Cocolo festival in San Pedro de Macorís at end of June, with roving bands of guloyas performing dance dramas on the street


  • Festival of the Bulls - Fiesta patronal in Higuey with processions coming into the city from all sides - some from as far as 30km - with cowboys on horseback and large herds of cattle
  • Restoration Day


  • Our Lady of Mercedes Day


  • Festival of the Bulls - Traditional cattle festival in Bayaguyana
  • Christmas Day - Guloya festivals in San Pedro de Macorís, Haitian Voodoo celebrations in the Haitian bateyes and rural groups of Caribbean-style Navidad carollers in the campos